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    1.  關于我們 About Us


      Peking University Experimental School (Suqian)is an international new model of school serving students from kindergartenthrough Grade 12. The school is jointly founded by Beida Jade Bird Culture andEducation Group and Suqian Hubin Zone. The school is located at No. 88, Tian He Road, Hubin New District, covers more than 500 acre. Theschool officially opened in September,2017. The School holds the philosophy of:Embracing the Spirit of Peking University, broadening the Nature of Education,focuses on the holistic development of every child. Our objectives are tocultivate a student achieving his best in morals, talents, communication,aesthetics and physical capability, which establishes the new flagship forSuqian City and the northern Jiangsu area.

      育人目標 Educational Objectives


      Our objectives are based on Chinese traditions using, holistic education practices to cultivate a student achieving his best in morals, talents, communication, aesthetics and physical capability.



      ? 身心健康的人

      ? 仁愛、誠實、守信的人

      ? 樂于學習、善于學習的人

      ? 善于溝通合作的人

      ? 人格獨立、自信堅毅、勇于擔當的人

      ? 具有批判精神、創造性思維、審美素養的人

      ? 具有深厚傳統文化底蘊、開闊國際視野的人


      We try to develop students’

      • Physical and intellectual well being

      • Benevolence, humanity, honesty and integrity

      • Learning habits and methods

      • Communicative and cooperative proficiency

      • Independence, self-confidence, courage and responsibility

      • Critical and creative thinking, aesthetic literacy

      • Chinese traditional culture appreciation and international-mindedness